Fly Little Bird

All the clothes are neatly pressed and folded into a cute little package, gently set on the top of the dresser anxiously awaiting their debut.  The back pack is perched at the front door, overflowing with a rainbow of colorful crayons, safety scissors, bottles of glue and psychedelic Kleenex boxes.  The little boy doesn’t need an alarm to awaken him as he jumps out of bed and runs to his mommy’s bedside at the first light.  No worries the mommy was wide awake as her heart was heavy and her nerves were frazzled with the knowledge that her baby was starting his first day of school.

The clothes are strewn on the floor with barely a path to reach the bed.  Books lay open on the desk and on the floor as a reminder of the late night of last minute studying in an attempt to cram every last detail into the recesses of his brain.  The young man is stretched across the bed with the alarm buzzing after the third attempt at hitting the snooze button.  The mom gently nudges him to get up knowing that if he doesn’t get up now he’s going to be late.  Out of the corner of her eye she glimpses the neatly folded graduation gown on the dresser with the cap perched proudly on top, the tassel gently dangling over the side.  The mom’s heart is heavy and her nerves are raw as she realizes it is her babies last day of high school and a whole new world is waiting for him.

I have done my job.  My baby has grown, I have taught him all I could.  I have created a strong foundation for him to build on.  The life he chooses to build upon it is his.

Now go my little bird, it is your turn to fly. Soar high and proud.

Love Mom

*To view the slide show that goes with this post follow the link to Fly

6 thoughts on “Fly Little Bird

  1. Good luck Mom! This post was very well written… and your emotion very well conveyed. Be strong 🙂

    • I’ll need it. I took a picture of him this morning leaving for school to go with his back pack on to go with his first day of school picture. He warned me not to cry. I was good, just as in kindergarten I waited for him to walk away before the tear ran down my cheek. Awards ceremony tonight…God help me.

      • Sounds like you have alot to be proud of.. is he venturing far from home in September?
        They have no idea how much we love them…yet ;0)

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