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Love Story

Oh how I have missed you.  I put you out of my mind for so long because the pain of thinking of you was just to great to deal with.  Yet you where never far away.  As much as I tried to forget I knew you were there waiting for me and that made me miss and want you even more.  Yet that same wanting only made me feel worse, you reminded me of something I once was and something I longed to be again.

I am sorry I banished you from life, I am sorry that I made you go away.  I beg you to forgive me but I had to do what was right for me.  I had to send you away until I was ready to face you again…and here I am!  It has been a year but I am ready, I am ready to see if we belong together once again.   I am ready to see if you still make me feel as good as you once did and if we are once again a perfect fit.

It is with great anticipation I am facing you once again, I am excited but scared.  I am nervous to see if my journey has brought me to a place where we can once again fit into each others life.

I see you from across the room, you look the same as I remember.  I hope I look different to you, I hope that you can see the transformation I have made.  I pray that you appreciate the change I have made so we can be together again.

In an instance we are reunited..like we were never apart and you feel better now than you did when I last saw you.  Rather than making me feel confined and uncomfortable I feel loose and free.  I feel like the woman I have wanted  to be, I feel healthy and happy.  You have completed me!

Yes you are my favorite jeans and I am so sorry I crowed you out of my life.  I am sorry I squeezed you out while I made room for cookies and ice cream.  Please forgive me, I have missed you and so glad to have you back!


Now as for the eighteen pounds I have lost…I can’t say I will ever miss you!  Good-bye and good riddens…I hope to never see you again!


Forever Summer

Time goes so slowly, another school year is starting and it will be absolutely forever before it is over.  It will be forever before I get out of school.  Thirteen years of school and then on to college for another four.  You have to be kidding me, I am going to spend my entire life in school, it is never going to end.  If only I had a time  machine, I could jump through time and get on to the exciting part of life.

Apparently I found my time travel machine.  That is the only explanation I can find for how fast the time has gone.  I cannot really be the mother of a college student and two other teenagers.  Am I not a teen myself?  Wait no I passed through those years, that’s right, I wished them away.  It’s not that I want them back, I just don’t understand how it all went so quickly.

I still remember that feeling of time moving so slowly.   A year of school seemed like a lifetime,  just waiting for the next summer to come along to mark my freedom.  The endless summer that seemed to go on forever allowing my brain to cleanse itself of all I had learned throughout the school year.  I had all the time in the world, never a rush, and always tomorrow.

The blink of an eye.  That is all it takes now.  A blink of an eye and the school year is over.  A blink of an eye and the frost is in the air and the summer is gone.  A blink of an eye and the kids are grown and moving on.  There is never enough time, it’s always a rush and my tomorrows are coming to quickly.  Soon there will be no more school years.  The kids will be gone and I will have to find another marker of time.

I think I would like to turn off my time  machine for just a little while.    Just long enough to savor these precious moments.

If I can teach my kids just one more thing it would be to not wish their life away.  Don’t rush through today looking for tomorrow.  Today is a beautiful day so live it to the fullest, enjoy it and make it count.  Perhaps I can be a role model for you, watch me and learn.  I am making the most out of every day, and although the calendar tells me I am in the fall season of life, I intend to  live like it is forever summer.

Honor and Pride

I just experienced the most amazing moment of my life.  My son had the honor of giving the Valedictorian address today at his high school graduation.  You may think that seeing him stand at the podium and addressing his classmates as the number one ranked student in a class of 480 students would be the proudest moment of my life, but it wasn’t.   No the proudest moment of my life occurred after the ceremony.

As we were muddling through the crowd of graduates and proud parents we were approached by a young lady who asked if we were the parents of the boy who made the speech.  Proudly I replied that yes I was.  She continued to ask me if I would happen to have a copy of the speech that she may have.  I looked at her with a puzzled look but confirmed that yes I did have a copy.  The young lady teared up and introduced herself as the sister of the young man who my son mentioned in his speech.  The following is taken from his speech:

“In a graduation meeting when one of our classmates announced that he will be off to training to enlist in the marines the day after graduation, very few of us knew or saw who it was, in fact I still don’t know.  Our class of 2012 took that moment not think about whether or not you were someone in our class, on a sports team, or one of our friends, we took that moment to acknowledge what an honorable choice you were making and proudly gave you a round of applause.”

The young lady continued to explain that her mother was brought to tears and the family was truly touched by the recognition my son had given to their son and brother.  They had only a few hours left with him this evening to have dinner before putting him on a bus to leave for his training in the marines, after training he would be immediately deployed as an active marine.  Both my son and I were overwhelmed by the emotions of this young lady and assured her that our prayers where with her family and her brother.

Again we went back to mingling amongst the crowd and posed for several pictures and received the usual congratulations.  Again the young girl approached us.  This time she was accompanied by a fellow graduate.  She introduced her brother, the brave marine to my son.  The young man reached his hand out to my son and shook his hand as he thanked him for what he said in his speech.  His eyes were glistening with tears as he told my son how much it meant to him that he was acknowledged  in the valedictorian address.

I was overwhelmed with emotion as these two young men shook hands and my son assured him that he was doing a much more honorable thing than he had ever done.  The young marine told my son that his excellent grades and success in school where just as honorable.  These two young men had never met each other in the four years of high school.  They were never in the same class and never ran with the same group of friends.  Yet here they stood both admiring the other for their accomplishments and their future contribution to society.

This is the proudest moment in my life.  A young marine is heading off to serve his country with the words of my son tucked away in his pocket.  A family knows that their son’s sacrifice has been acknowledged and admired.  This was not a day about popularity or who had the highest GPA.  This was a day that proved that each and every young person who walked across that stage today to pick up their diploma has the potential to make a positive contribution to the world.

Oh Yes I Can!

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Please tell me why not.  Why can I not have my cake and eat it too?  Have you ever made a cake to just look at?  I don’t think so.  If I make a cake it is with the full intent to eat it!  I think this is one of the dumbest sayings any one has ever come up with.  So to whoever started the saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too…I say…

“Oh Yes I Can”

Remember, you have no limitations.  You can do whatever you put your mind to.  If you put enough effort into something, why not have it all!

This Little Piggy…

This little piggy went to market (well the outlet center).  This little piggy stayed home (the men) and then this little piggy went, wee, wee wee all the way home.  The wonderful sound of four women celebrating the bargains after a long day of shopping.

You can’t ask for anything more than the perfect shopping day with you daughter, niece and sister.  We hit the stores at 11:00 am and arrived home loaded down with our treasures at 6:00 pm.  Apparently I am super woman after all.

I was able to find my dress for graduation at 50% off, a sweater at 70% off and two other shirts at 40% off.  The biggest feat of all may not have been leaping over a building in a single bound but I did find my daughter a pair of shorts that didn’t show her butt.  Now that is a super woman!

How does the saying go again…clothes $110.00 (great deals), food $10.00, gas $30.00, time with family…PRICELESS!

Thanks sis for coming to visit this weekend and bringing my niece with you. It was the perfect week-end.

Now to get ready for a dinner party…See I really am super woman!

Keeping Perspective


Living life is like juggling balls.

I read this in a book, I would love to tell you which one but just can’t remember.  The book didn’t stick with me but the analogy did.

Each aspect of you life is a ball.

  • Health
  • Family
  • Job
  • Money

Now look at the list and realize that some of these balls are glass while others are rubber.  Health, and family are glass.  If you drop them they will shatter.  Job and money are rubber.  If you drop them they will bounce back.

When you are juggling your life remember which balls you need to prioritize.


Thanks to Gypsy Mamma Blog for another inspirational Five Minute Friday. This week’s topic is “perspective”  Please stop by her site and join in the fun.

The Gypsy Mama’s Blog

Don’t Mean to Burst Your Bubble.

I love it when someone’s stupidity provides you with the perfect blogging moment.

Unfortunately that someone has been my husband far too much lately.  Sorry honey I really love you and this isn’t supposed to be a husband bashing blog but really…you open the door, you walk in!

The week-end is here once again and like always we are trying to balance the multitude of tasks that need to be done in the household.  Final decisions needed to be made last night about whether or not we could make it to Canada for the week-end to put the docks in the lake.  The problem is we had already planned a dinner party for Sunday.  When my husband suggested that we could make it up to the lake it was my assumption he had cancelled the dinner party.

Hubby’s Week-end Plan:

  • Friday 1:00 pm – leave for the lake
  • Friday 7:00 pm – arrive at the lake
  • Saturday – put the docks in the lake and visit with relatives
  • Sunday 9:00am – leave the lake
  • Sunday 3:00 pm – arrive home
  • Sunday 4:00pm – host a dinner party

Hello???  I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I really am not super woman.

I’m not super man

Question: when will we get the groceries?

Answer: you can do that Friday morning before we leave.

Question:  When will I clean the house?

Answer:  The house is fine, just whip through with the vacuum when we get home.

Question:  When will we cook?

Answer:  I’ll just through the meat on the grill.

Question: What about the rest of the meal?

Answer:  That won’t take you long, you can do it.

No really I can’t do it!  But thank-you for the perfect blog!

Guess what I’m doing this week-end…staying home, cleaning and cooking.  Then relaxing with a wonderful dinner party.