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Who Am I?

Have you ever sat and wondered what you were meant  to do?  Thinking to yourself, surely I am meant to do something important, my life has to mean something.  I know I do.  Then I ask myself, am I not trying hard enough?  Am I not using my “talents” to their greatest ability?  Am I missing something?  Because truthfully I don’t see myself as having accomplished very much in my life.

I went to University and got a great education, had the potential to be an amazing nurse, yet chose to stay at home with my kids and not work at all.  What have I done that I will be remembered for?  When I laid my head on the pillow at night I would ask God to talk to me, tell me what it was I was supposed to be doing and I heard nothing.  I assumed I wasn’t listening hard enough or even worse I wasn’t important enough for even God to bother with.

Now I know that I didn’t hear God because he had already told me what I was to do and I had done it.  I was meant to stay at home and be with my kids.  God simply said, stay the course, don’t give up.  Oh several times I tried to steer my ship in a new and more exciting direction, carve my own path, draw my own map and each and every time I was put back on course.  It is only now that I realize you don’t have to effect a multitude of people to be important.  You don’t need to change the world or have your name known by millions, effecting one or two people is enough.

I will never be the next great artist, a Pulitzer prize-winning author, I won’t be the CEO of a major company or a political leader.  I will not save thousands of lives or develop a cure for cancer, I won’t be a professional athlete or famous movie star.  I won’t leave my mark on a very big piece of real-estate when I leave this earth and I will be lucky to fill the first half of the church at my funeral, but there are a few people who my life has made a difference for and that is all that matters.  I may not cure cancer but perhaps my son will, I may not be a great artist but perhaps my encouragement will allow my daughter to be one.  I may not invent a new piece of medical technology but perhaps my other son will.  I may not save the lives of thousands but perhaps one day, someone I spoke to, or encouraged, or merely smiled at when they felt alone, sad or desperate were effected just enough to go on and live another day.

I have stopped asking what great and wonderful thing I am supposed to do with my life.  Instead I thank God for the opportunity to be myself.  I try to remember that my actions speak louder than my words and everything I do and everything I say has the ability to change the life of someone around me.  What an awesome responsibility!

Be the best self you can be everyday!  Perhaps you will write the next great novel or be the hottest blog on the internet, you never know.  What you do know is that each and every day at least one person will hear your words or see your face.  Make sure what you show them is something that you will want to be remembered by and that you DO have an effect on this world.


I’m Not Super-Woman

The water is calling me to come and play!

Apparently I am not super woman.  I cannot actually do and be everything.  It came to me as somewhat of a surprise and I must admit, a slight disappointment, but I believe I am coming to terms with it now. Sometimes you just have to let something go in order to get done what truly needs to get done, hence the silence on the blog front for the past little while.

I think it is maturity and the aging process that has finally taught me that it is okay to admit that you can’t do it all.  I look back on my early years as a mom and wife and wonder what I was thinking.  Apparently the word “NO” was only in my children’s vocabulary.  Now as I am older I do not feel any guilt when I say “no I can’t do that.”  I feel no shame to admit that at times I am overwhelmed by the tasks around me and I just need to stop and rest for a while either mentally or physically, while I regroup.  As a matter of fact I feel a great sense of pride in being truly honest with myself.

Now that I have the family settled back into the house at the lake for the summer I look forward to finding a routine that includes my “me time.”  Time to blog, time to read, time to paint or just time to sit and be quiet (okay, quiet will have to come before everyone else wakes up).

So this is me, just me and not some imaginary super woman, back again after a month of complete chaos ready to enjoy the summer.   So what should I do today?  The water is looking at me as calm as I have ever seen it.  I believe it is inviting me to come and play.  Maybe today will be the day I finally conquer the wake board.  Yes, I think that I am feeling pretty lucky today… the wake board it is.

So maybe I still like to imagine I am super woman just a little.  I’ll let you know how that works for me a little later.

Keeping Perspective


Living life is like juggling balls.

I read this in a book, I would love to tell you which one but just can’t remember.  The book didn’t stick with me but the analogy did.

Each aspect of you life is a ball.

  • Health
  • Family
  • Job
  • Money

Now look at the list and realize that some of these balls are glass while others are rubber.  Health, and family are glass.  If you drop them they will shatter.  Job and money are rubber.  If you drop them they will bounce back.

When you are juggling your life remember which balls you need to prioritize.


Thanks to Gypsy Mamma Blog for another inspirational Five Minute Friday. This week’s topic is “perspective”  Please stop by her site and join in the fun.

The Gypsy Mama’s Blog

One Woman’s Addiction

My name is Sandra and I am addicted to the Food Network.

Yes it is hard to admit but it is time to be honest about my problems and perhaps by talking about it I can finally get help.

Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Cupcake Wars, Sweet Genius,  Chopped, Iron Chef, Mexican Made Easy, the list goes on and on.  I dream about Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, and Jamie Oliver.  I just can’t help it.  I can’t get enough of the food network.

by Nick Nguyen

My problem goes even deeper.  Cook books…I can’t stop buying cookbooks.  I can’t help myself they call my name and beg me to buy them.  I stand in line at the check out trying to keep my eyes forward, begging them not to look sideways.  I know if I just glance at the magazines there is going to be a recipe on the cover that I’m not going to be able to live without.  My life will not be complete if I don’t have that magazine, that recipe.

This is a sampling of what I own

The irony is that I don’t even cook.  Well I cook, I just don’t cook well.  It’s the basics for my family.  Roast chicken, roast beef, grilled steak, spaghetti, you get the idea.   Definitely nothing that requires the in-depth studies of the food network or the use of one-hundred recipe books.  I want to cook better, I want to try the recipes, I just don’t.

As for why I don’t use what I learn on the Food Network, it’s an easy explanation…I can never remember what it was that I wanted to make after watching the show.  It is just one of those side effects of  the age and the fact that I’ve watched four episodes in one sitting and they all seem to blend together in the end.  The recipe books are the same.  I’ve bought so many I can’t remember which one has the recipe I wanted to try.  Basically I have overwhelmed myself to the point of not functioning.

So please help me.  I am Sandra and I am addicted to the Food Network (and cook books)

If you have any good recipes for a simple want-to-be chef please leave them here.  I promise, if you do, I will actually try to cook it.  I’ll even blog my results.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Links to the lost posts follow, thanks for the understanding.

If you keep getting this sent to you I am sorry.  WordPress keeps telling me to make these little changes and I have to see if it worked.  So far…two thumbs down!

Testing 1,2,3…testing 1,2,3,  Is this thing working yet?

My apologies for this post.  I have been working with wordpress for the past week to try and fix a problem with publicizing my posts.  For some strange reasons the Reader won’t pick up my tags.  They believe they have fixed it so I am testing it out.  I have already put the time in to two posts that never got publicized so I’m not wasting any more time until it is fixed.

Cross your fingers and hope this works.

By the way the post your missed where:

The Fountain of Youth Went Dry

The Fountain of Youth

Wow I’m Going To Buy A Lottery Ticket

Thanks for the understanding.  Wish me luck here I go!

Wow, I am Going to Buy A Lottery Ticket

All right , it’s time for me to go out and buy a lottery ticket.  Obviously this is my lucky week…I’ve been nominated for yet another award.  Here is a great big THANK-YOU to Justbetweencousin for the nomination for the Versatile blogger award.  I am completely overwhelmed.  I really believed I was blogging into an over crowded electronic world with my words being lost into the vast black hole of the cyber space.  To realize that someone is reading what I have wrote and actually appreciating it is truly overwhelming.  If only I could get my family to listen to my wordsand appreciate what I say I be over the moon.  Maybe they would even nominate me for the Versatile Mom Award.  Now would be cool, but an even bigger long shot than winning the lottery.

So as most award nomination go I have to follow a few basic rules.  I have always been a rule follower anyway so this isn’t too bad (except the part about finding 15 bloggers to nominate, as a new blogger this may be difficult, but I’m up for the challenge).

Rules for the Versatile Blogger

  1. Thank the person and/or blog for the nomination!… Once again, thank-you to justbetweencousins for the nomination.
  2.  Share 7 Facts about yourself
  3.  Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a middle-aged mom (yes I am claiming the term middle-age even though I’m stretching the boundaries)
  2. I have been happily (most of the time) married for almost 22 years…yes people still do that
  3. I have three teenagers and I still love them (that can be quite an accomplishment in and of itself)
  4. I have moved eight times between two countries and three states (I’m getting too old for that now I have recently learned)
  5. I spend my summers in our cottage in Ontario, Canada where I get to spend time with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews
  6. I love to be creative and if I find spare time I make jewelry, enjoy photography and paint in acrylics
  7. I didn’t even know what a blog was four months ago but have fallen in love with it and have three blogs on the go right now (always did jump into everything head first)

Fifteen Blogger’s I Follow:

I have a wide range of interests so my list of  bloggers that I am nominating is going to be just as “Versatile” as my interests, please note there is no special order to my list.  I love them all just the same (just like my kids).  Some of you may be surprised by the nomination because I am often a silent follower (my kids call it being a creeper) I have tried to go back and push the follow button as I forgot how important that can be to your blog (still learning here people, sorry)

  1.  All things boys
  2. Colline’s Blog
  3. The Blue Brick
  4. The Irisl and the Lily
  5. Bohemiamspiritedmom
  6. Sepiacharm
  7. Rules By The Meanest Mommy In The Whole Wide World
  8. Manipal’s Photo Blog
  9. A Gurlz Guide
  10. Adorefamily
  11. Coach Billlmore
  12. Friend For the Ride
  13. Vicky.. The Northern Chicky
  14. Jenny’s Serendipity
  15. Stop. Breath. Action

Well there you go, I did it!  It is a good thing I am very lucky this week, because I am going to need some of that luck to help me catch up on my studying and other daily chores I have let go to wayside accepting my nominations.  Oh well, off I go to buy a lottery ticket, if all goes well I can post a blog that I just won Power Ball (will I have to pass it on to fifteen people?)

Thanks Again!

I Think I’ll Have A Party!

Okay this one is for real, no sarcasm here today.  I almost peed my pants (it doesn’t take much when your 40 something and mother of three) when I clicked on my little orange message box to find that I had been nominated for an award.  I am just thrilled to get a “LIKE” on a post so this is like getting my cake and eating it too (which is the stupidest saying in the world because who actually gets a cake to just look at)

I am over the moon and forever grateful to Bohemian Spirited Mom for nominating me for these two awards.  Bohemianspiritedmom is a fellow forty something woman, wife, and mom who writes beautifully about life at this inspirational time of our lives (check her out).

The Genuine Blogger Awards doesn’t come with any specific rules, however, the Sunshine Award does, and here they are:

  1. Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
  2. Answer the questions that come with it.
  3. Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The questions are:

  • Favorite color: Orange
  • Favorite number: 4
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:  raspberry ice tea
  • Facebook or Twitter:  I have both but definitely prefer Facebook.  Twitter seems too complicated for me and I’ve never be brief and to the point
  • My Passion: being creative. Acrylic painting, beading, jewelry making, photography…
  • Favorite pattern:  polka dots
  • Favorite Day of the Week:  Sunday, it seems to be the one day we can gather as a family and spend time together
  • Favorite Flower:  I love a blue rose.  My dad planted one for me when I was a little girl.  I felt so special.  I just found one and planted it in my garden.

The 10 Bloggers I’d like to nominate for both the Genuine Blogger & the Sunshine Awards are:

  1. Daily Frosting
  2. Just Between Cousins
  3. Petti Coat Express
  4. The Life of a Police House Wife
  5. Where’s my T-back and Other Stories
  6. Belly Button Blues
  7. Sassy Sass
  8. Humoring the Goddess
  9. Bucket List Publication
  10. This Man’s Journey