Warning Rated R

Did someone forget to post the Restricted rating outside the MOMA?

I was so disappointed yesterday when I wasted good money dragging my family to the Modern Museum of Art.  My daughter turned fourteen today and is a budding young artist.  I mistakenly thought it would be a good experience to take her to the MOMA to inspire her creativity and feed her love for the arts.  Boy was I wrong.

Apparently I was not taking her to the museum for an art lesson,rather a lesson in sex education.  As she so eloquently put it; “wow mom that was some kind of birthday present, fourteen penises in fourteen minutes.”  At one point my husband and I had to quickly redirect the kids and ask them not to look to their left because the painting was so inappropriate.  Whoever decided oral sex while shooting yourself in the head is art was a sick individual and whoever decided to hang it in the museum is just as bad.

Are you not supposed to have some kind of talent to be an artist?  No you just have to incorporate a penis, breast or sexual act into your painting, sculpture or photograph and POOF its art!

On a positive note we all enjoyed seeing the works of Van Gogh and Picasso.  The kid’s have a studied Van Gogh in school and have tried their hand at creating “The Scream” so seeing the original was an amazing experience.  (My eighteen year old contends his version is better than the original.)


I am certain we missed many excellent examples of modern art from very talented artists and for this I am sad.  Perhaps the curators could contain the R rated art in one area so we do not have to expose our children to it in search of the real art.

Like life, art is a matter of perspective so I appreciate that what I see as pornography others see as art.  I just don’t get it!

7 thoughts on “Warning Rated R

  1. No, you do get it. You remember it, you react to it in a very emotional way, you even write a post about it. You didn’t write anything about Van Gogh.

    And, pardon me for asking you bluntly: Do you really think a 14-year old child in today’s society would be offended or morally changed for the worse by a scene of oral sex combined with violence? or 14 penises? Really?

    • They did get a reaction from me this is true. I did state that the Van Gogh was my favorite part of the tour and even provided a picture. But you are correct the others did effect me more.
      As for the morals of a 14 year old…I would say that it depends in the home she/he was raised. My child has very strong morals, does not go to R rated movies, does not like violent movies and we do not allow violent video games in the home for any of our children. My eighteen year old college son was even offended.
      Perhaps because we feel it is too late in today’s society to provide any moral teachings is why we have so much violence.
      I for one will not give up on the moral fabric of any of my children. They are aware of what is out there but in no way will we accept it as okay.
      I am sure you think me niave but the sucess of my children up to this point has proven to me that methods are working.

      • I don’t think you naive. Not in the least. And I did not mean to be disrespecful. The fact that you do not allow something may not mean that something is not finding its ways to them, despite all the insulation. But come to think of it for a moment. What if, instead of trying to insulate them from anything under the R sign, you tried to explain your attitude to that? Believe me, I’ve got two kids as well, I am not some childless well-wisher.
        Obviously, kids can not be insulated for ever. As for their morals, it was exactly my point that an exposure of the sort you describe can hardly shake 14 year olds who’ve been properly raised. Sorry again, if you felt any disrespect.

        PS That’s Munch on the photo.

      • No disrespect taken, simply conversation. And I totally agree with you on exposure. We actually sound like we have similar parenting styles. We discuss and talk about all things so they know what the “real world” is like. We send them to public school so as not to insulate them and trust me the school they went to was not an insulated school. R rated movies are a matter of respecting rules. Much like our attitude toward drinking. The law states 21 so I will not break the law. Do I believe that my college student will drink before (or has) before 21, absolutetly. I was young once too but I will not provide him with the alcohol or provide a “safe environment” for him to drink in as so many parents claim to be doing.
        Sorry about the lack of art knowledge and the mistake.
        And thank you for the conversation. It is not offensive or disrespectful in any way. Conversation and shared opinions is what makes this world a better place and opens our eyes and ears to new ideas.

      • Yep, we are very similar ) Thank you!

        PS There’s no need to be sorry for any lack of art knowledge – I, for instance, no nothing of opera or ballet. I suspect I might have missed a lot, but I don’t feel sorry.

  2. I was there yesterday with my 9 year old and had to direct her attention elsewhere when passing by. Does anyone know the name/artist of that painting? I didn’t actually get to look at it because I was running past it so fast!!

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