The Sky Is The Limit

Daily Prompt 32 flavors: Vanilla, chocolate or something else entirely?


Why limit yourself, if there are 32 flavors why not try them all?  This being said by the person who has moved eight times between two countries and three states.  Naturally I like to explore new things.

How do I know what my favorite flavor is if I haven’t tried them all and what about combining them? Maybe it comes from my love of permutations and combinations in math but once I’ve tried each flavor once I need to see how they are in combination with each other.  It makes my choices almost limitless.

Some may find this approach overwhelming, but me, I find it exciting.  Sure some tastings are not as satisfying as others but every now and then you come up with that perfect flavor and the failures make it that much sweeter.

Maybe instead of life being like a box of chocolates it is more like an ice cream parlor.  Step outside your comfort zone next time and maybe you find your new favorite!


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