Your Lucky Ticket

The house is quiet again.  The morning rush hour is over, the kids are safely (I hope) settled into school and my husband is tucked neatly behind his office desk.  Oh yes the joy of being a stay at home mom.  I am so “lucky” I can just sit around and do nothing for the rest of the day and wait for everyone to come back at the end of their day.  In the meantime what should I do?  Perhaps drive around town in my new Lexus, get my hair and nails done at the salon, buy a new outfit, book the family vacation, and lunch with the girls.  NOT!

I can’t count how many times I have heard “you are so lucky to be able to stay home.”  I want to scream in reply that it isn’t luck that has allowed me to stay at home.  I CHOSE to give up my career to raise our children, I didn’t win the stay at home lottery.  With that choice came a great deal of sacrifice.

However, if you continue to believe it is a matter of luck let me give you your ticket for the STAY-AT-HOME-MOM lottery.  Good luck!



 Please don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the choices I have made.  I wouldn’t exchange my time with my kids for any amount of money but it wasn’t always easy.  Through our sacrifices my husband and I have been able to carve out a comfortable life for our family and we now have some of those extras that we once had to forgo.  All I ask is that instead of looking at me and saying “wow you are lucky” look at me and say “wow you’ve worked hard to raise your family.”  It is the same respect I give you when I admire your promotion or your ability to balance your career and family.

What we do in life is not about luck, it is a choice.


5 thoughts on “Your Lucky Ticket

  1. Wow! You’ve worked hard to raise your family.
    Hmm, that’s not really my style. Then again, neither is saying that you are “lucky” to get to stay home. I know how much work it is to stay home. I know how much you have to sacrifice to do that.
    I’m glad you are happy you made that choice and I’m sure in teh long run your kids will appreciate it too.

    • I believe they do. The neat part of it is I have chosen not to miss out on anything and just change the natural order of how most people go about their life. Now that I am done with the kids (and my husband is pretty well raised) I get to go after MY career. Most women are looking to slow down at my age but I am excited to start again. I just hope the employers of the world have an open mind about hiring a middle age woman. At least they don’t have to worry about me taking a maternity leave!

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