Eat Your Words Mom!

“Be an active participant in life”.  That was last summer’s saying for my sisters and me.  Instead of sitting back and watching the kids have fun we decided we would actively participate in all the activities.  Yes it required a few extra trips to the bathroom before hitting the volley ball court or an Advil or two before bed after a day of water skiing but we actively participated in the day’s events.  The kids (rather teens) thought this was great and found a new respect for their aging mothers.

Today was a perfect day on the lake.  The sun was shining and the air was still.  The bay looked like a mirror reflecting the beauty of the day.  As usual a day like this begged for the boat to head out and the kids to push the limits to see how much air they could get on the wakeboard or how high of a rooster tail they could get on the slalom ski.  I took my place in the boat as the official photographer and spotter.  After a couple of runs the kids asked me to take my turn and try my luck at the skis.

This seems like a simple request for many, but for me it is a little more of a challenge.  You see for ten years I attempted to water ski and had no luck.  I mastered the art of falling on my face, my butt, my back… you name it, and I fell on it.  Just two years ago I finally managed to get up but forgot what I did to get up as quickly as I learned it.  Hence I usually spend the rest of the summer sucking water into every orifice as I try to master the concept of skiing again and again.  So today I declined the invitation and stated I would be happy to sit and watch them have fun.

This is the moment my own words came back to bite me in the butt.  “What happened to being an active participant in life mom?”  Oh how tempted I was to tell them I was just getting too old for this, but instead I donned my life jacket and grabbed the skis and decided to take on the challenge once more.  This time it was my son driving the boat and giving me the last minute instructions on what to do.  I had a quick flash of all the times I had grounded him or said “no” to him and hoped this wasn’t the time he was seeking revenge.

To my surprise I rose from the water and found myself skidding across the surface on the two pieces of wood strapped to my feet.  I would like to say that the experience was amazing and I have found a true passion in skiing but to be honest, I found it to be less than thrilling and extremely tiring.  So this is what I have been working so hard for, this is what I drank gallons of water for and face planted more times than I care to remember.  Oh well, at least I was an active participant in life.  Most importantly my kids were thrilled with my success and proud of me for finally finding success.  So when they asked me how it was I smiled and said it was great.

As for the wake boarding… it still eludes me and I am afraid that tonight will be another night of Advil.  But I will wear my bruises with pride and remember that I am an active participant in life and my kids think I’m kind of cool.


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