This Little Piggy…

This little piggy went to market (well the outlet center).  This little piggy stayed home (the men) and then this little piggy went, wee, wee wee all the way home.  The wonderful sound of four women celebrating the bargains after a long day of shopping.

You can’t ask for anything more than the perfect shopping day with you daughter, niece and sister.  We hit the stores at 11:00 am and arrived home loaded down with our treasures at 6:00 pm.  Apparently I am super woman after all.

I was able to find my dress for graduation at 50% off, a sweater at 70% off and two other shirts at 40% off.  The biggest feat of all may not have been leaping over a building in a single bound but I did find my daughter a pair of shorts that didn’t show her butt.  Now that is a super woman!

How does the saying go again…clothes $110.00 (great deals), food $10.00, gas $30.00, time with family…PRICELESS!

Thanks sis for coming to visit this weekend and bringing my niece with you. It was the perfect week-end.

Now to get ready for a dinner party…See I really am super woman!

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