He’s From Somewhere Further Than Mars

Mars is much to close to Venus for my husband to be from there.  He is from an entirely different Galaxy.

By Raven Vasquez

I happened to remind him that it was mothers day this weekend and kindly inquired if we had any “special” plans for the weekend.  Wow did he come up with some great ones!

  • It’s supposed to be nice we could work in the yard.  You could put the flowers in the side garden if you want”  Oh ya that’s just what I want, to bust my a** in the garden for Mother’s Day.
  • While you’re at the grocery store why don’t you pick up some steaks I can grill.”  Obviously we are not going out for dinner.  Grilling steaks is code for “I’ll sit on the deck with the dog doing a Sudoku puzzle while you cut up the vegetables, make the salad, boil the potatoes and clean up the mess.”
  • Did the kids want to have any friends over this week-end?”  Perfect not only can I look after my kids but I can have the neighborhood kids too so their mom’s can have a quiet relaxing day reading a book.

This was not going in the direction I had hoped so I thought maybe I should help him along.

  • What do you think about picking up a patio set this weekend for the deck?”  His response: “I don’t need one, what we have is good enough.”  When did I mention him in that statement.  It was me I was thinking of and no I don’t NEED it either. However,  it would be nice to have a table so I didn’t have to eat of my lap all the time.

This is when I realized that my husband is an Alien from another galaxy.  He just doesn’t understand women.  (But I love him just the same)

I love him anyway

Please make me jealous and tell me what wonderful surprises your family has in store for you this weekend.  Perhaps I can live vicariously through you!

3 thoughts on “He’s From Somewhere Further Than Mars

  1. Well, I’m sure you’ll be very jealous to find out I got to get up at 4 am to travel to a baseball tourney for my 13 yr old…where my man is the coach…and now I’m freezing my arse off awaiting the start of game one…and wouldn’t you know?? It just started raining!! 😦 My daughter is visiting from college and not the least bit grumpy at what big sisters have to do to support little brothers…and heaven help us all on the ride home should we lose today…and the biggest OH JOY?? We get to do this again tomorrow!!!! Lol. I’m truly blessed and wouldn’t prefer the weekend any other way…well except rainless, oh and I’d love to be planting flowers or grilling steaks! Happy Momma’s Day to ya!

    • Oh that sounds like last years mother’s day, only it was tennis and so hot and sunny I burnt myself. Although I must admit I did enjoy the weekend with my son. Okay, you didn’t make me jealous and maybe I will suck it up and start doing some gardening. By the way I love the use of the word arse. It is one of my favorite words that people laugh at me for using. I live in the US and told that it must be a Canadian word. I don’t know where it comes from but I like it.
      Happy Mother’s Day, I hope the sun will at least shine for you (but don’t forget the sun screen)

  2. Thanks!! You too. I live in the US too, the deep south, but always credited my NY mom for the use of the word arse…I love it too and look at it as the kinder, more gentle @ss, if you will. 🙂

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