Can You Hear Me Now?

Links to the lost posts follow, thanks for the understanding.

If you keep getting this sent to you I am sorry.  WordPress keeps telling me to make these little changes and I have to see if it worked.  So far…two thumbs down!

Testing 1,2,3…testing 1,2,3,  Is this thing working yet?

My apologies for this post.  I have been working with wordpress for the past week to try and fix a problem with publicizing my posts.  For some strange reasons the Reader won’t pick up my tags.  They believe they have fixed it so I am testing it out.  I have already put the time in to two posts that never got publicized so I’m not wasting any more time until it is fixed.

Cross your fingers and hope this works.

By the way the post your missed where:

The Fountain of Youth Went Dry

The Fountain of Youth

Wow I’m Going To Buy A Lottery Ticket

Thanks for the understanding.  Wish me luck here I go!

6 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Holly crap it worked. And I figured it out myself. I switched to firefox instead of internet explorer. Keep my fingers crossed it keeps working and isn’t just a fluke.

  2. With the new layout of “topics” I have not been able to see my posts on any of the new tab reader. I have been a little ( being sarcastically PC) bummed about this. I have been able to see your posts!
    Peach State

    • Interesting. I haven’t seen any of mine and a couple articles never got read. It isn’t showing that they are being sent to my followers either so I hope they are. I switched to firefox and it is working and the image download is different and more effective. I think there must have been an “upgrade”

    • Okay I just posted an article “He Just Doesn’t Get It” does it show in your reader on blogs you follow and the side reader? Because I don’t see it? Getting a little PO’d

      • It was in my reader under Blogs I Follow…I left you a similar comment. Hopefully these issues will be resolved. I miss reading the featured blog and being able to search the topics. Okay…I miss looking to see if my post was featured. Maybe they are updating the topics tab and will open it back up soon.

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