Going Home

There's no place like home.

The numbers to lead me home

I’m sitting in my childhood home posting this morning.  I’m sitting on the same spot on the couch that I’ve sat since I can remember.  The coffee cup that sits on the table beside me is the same one that I have drunk out of for the last ten or so years.   Comfortable, that is how I would describe how I feel.  Coming home is like putting on your favorite sweater that fits just perfectly and wraps around you and keeps you warm.

I turned off the lights to head to bed last night and was surprised that I could still navigate the hallway to my old bedroom.   The furniture in the room is different from when I occupied it but the feeling the same.  (My son is currently occupying that furniture which originally was the proud possession of my grandparents.)  I pulled down the covers and slipped into the bed.  As I laid my head on the pillow, I recognized that familiar sensation as I sunk into the same pillow I have laid my head on so many times before.  I was overcome by how familiar everything felt and I truly felt like I was “home.”

I am so lucky that my parents still reside in the home I grew up in.  I have never had to give up that safe and comfortable place that holds all my childhood memories.  I am sad to say I haven’t given my children that same experience.  We have moved eight times from job transfers.  I worry that they will never have that place to return to that feels like home.  All I can hope for is that it is more about the people in the home then the place.

I suppose Dorthy said it best when she said “There’s no place like home.”

Thanks for stopping by again to hear the random ramblings of a middle-aged daughter.

2 thoughts on “Going Home

    • Unfortunately our moves have been very far but I did make a photo ablum of all of our homes for them. We also took home movies of all the houses.
      About twelve years ago we bought a small cottage on a lake near our family. We have made that our “constant place” We have considered selling it lately with the kids getting ready for college but have realized that as long as we can afford it we need to keep it because I believe this is their “home.”
      Thank-you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. I really appreciate it!

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