Why Are People So Nasty?

Can't we all just try to be a little nicer?
(Don't ask about the antlers, it's a long story)

I just don’t understand why some people have to be so nasty.  I know when I was a kid my mom used to tell me they were just insecure or jealous.  I know I have found myself telling my children the same thing every now and then.  But really, why do they have to be so nasty?  Do they not think about anyone other than themselves?  Do they take even a second to think about how they are making someone else feel?  Selfish, and self-centered… that is what they are.

Reading blogs I will occasionally come across a comment someone makes that is just plain mean.  Is it really necessary?  Sure inspiring debate and conversation is great, often it will increase the number of comments on the blog, but does it have to be mean?  Just state your opinion without the nasty, condescending remarks.  The author put some part of themselves into that article or picture, can’t we respect that?

Is it the waitresses fault that your steak wasn’t cooked correctly?  You really don’t have to be rude, just kindly ask her if she can take it back and bring a new one.  Or the lady at the checkout, she didn’t take the price sticker off the dress and she certainly can’t be expected to know every item that is on sale in the entire store.  Cut her a break, she is doing the best she can, yelling at her or berating her isn’t going to get you through the check-out any faster.

Okay I will admit, I am rude to telemarketers.  I know I shouldn’t be because they are just doing their job trying to put food on their table for their family.  But why do you have to call me three times?  The first day I am nice and kindly say I am not interested, the second day I remind them they called me yesterday.  The third day I am rude!  Sorry to all telemarketers that have been at the other end of my lecture about doing your job properly, I didn’t mean to make your day go badly.

My father’s favorite advise was “think before you speak!”  It is probably the best advise anyone could ever give or get.  Think before you speak. Think about how your words will make the other person feel.  Just because you think it doesn’t mean you always have to say it.  Take a second and try to add a thank-you, good job, or have a nice day.   If you insist on being all about yourself than forget about how it makes the other person feel, you would be surprised at how good you will feel by being nice rather than miserable.

Just to be clear, I am not a writer or want to be writer.  I am just a middle-aged woman with rambling thoughts.  I know I have grammatical errors, typo’s and whatever spelling errors spell check misses, so you don’t need to leave me a note to correct them.  On the whole I have found the blogging world to be one of the nicest places around.  Perhaps that is why I enjoy hanging out here so much.

So to my fellow bloggers…Thanks for brightening my day with your beautiful photos, words and comments.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  To the rest of the world that finds it necessary to be so darn nasty…just stop, we don’t need anymore ugliness in this world!

(Somehow I know I just invited a nasty person to leave a comment, oh well, I have tough skin)

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