Reality Check!

I'm getting too old for this!

Okay, reality check, apparently I am getting old!  After blogging about being middle-age and feeling like I was still in college I headed out to the gardens to plant our trees and bushes.  I was feeling so alive and vibrant after writing my article, I was ready to take on the world.  Just before beginning I gave my husband a quick call and told him to go ahead and order a load of mulch and I could get started on that as well.

Wrong!  Three (small) trees, thirteen bushes and I don’t know how many perennials and I am done in.  To be more accurate I was done in after digging the hole for the second tree.  The only thing that kept running through my head was how I had just claimed that I still felt so young.  I did until I started digging!   I truly may have passed middle-age and entered being old after that experience.  You know how they say the hole should be twice as big as the container.  Well forget that, if the roots could fit in the hole, it was big enough.  The darn bushes are only worth twenty bucks and my co-pay to go to the doctors is thirty.  Let them die if the hole isn’t big enough, better them than me!

So the reality is I am getting older, my back is telling me that loud and clear.   The problem is that as my body ages my mind forgets to process the fact.  In the end I am stuck spending the evening on a heating pad sipping a glass of wine.  Maybe this is what middle-age looks like.  If I was young I would be heating pad free drinking a beer.  If I was old I would skip the wine and go straight to bed.  So yes maybe I’m still middle-aged but with an aging body!

On the positive side…I got the gardens done and they look beautiful.   Tonight I will sit on the porch and enjoy the view before heading out on a date with my husband.  Whatever the age, I’m enjoying it!

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